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ARC Diagnostics was founded with a vision to provide Long Term Care, Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living facilities with a Comprehensive Antibiotic Stewardship Program. 


ARC's focused approach to providing residents with PCR testing for an array of infectious pathogens utilizing Advanced technology allows our clients to receive the highest quality in testing and results. 

PCR testing allows our clients to receive results in a Rapid manner without growing cultures.

ARC's testing has 99.99% confidence in the pathogens it detects. This reliability provides our clients and their residents with Conclusive results when they need them most.

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What is Antibiotic Stewardship?


According to the CDC : " Antibiotic stewardship is the effort to measure and improve how antibiotics are prescribed by clinicians and used by patients. Improving antibiotic prescribing and use is critical to effectively treat infections, protect patients from harms caused by unnecessary antibiotic use, and combat antibiotic resistance." 

To Learn more about the Core Elements of an effective Antibiotic Stewardship Program click: 


Why create an Antibiotic Stewardship program?

According to CMS, the F880/881 tags continue to be the number once deficiency in long term care facilities across the country.  To learn more about the F880/881 tag: 

Now more than ever Long Term care facilities are being held accountable in taking steps to assure they are protecting residents by having a proper Antibiotic Stewardship Program in place.

ARC's unique approach to providing such a program yields great results for our clients.


Specimens for these residents must be captured by facility staff, packaged and shipped according to instructions with material provided. Any resident that presents with URI, UTI, Wound, or COVID-19 signs or symptoms can and should be tested.

Antibiotic Stewardship

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Noroviruses are the most prevalent cause of acute gastroenteritis (AGE) globally [1], and the leading cause of healthcare-associated AGE outbreaks in the United States

Preventing transmission of influenza viruses and other infectious agents within healthcare settings, including in long-term care facilities, requires a multi-faceted approach


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