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Drive-Through Covid Testing

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Type of Testing:

We are a high complexity lab offering PCR testing with a 99.99% accuracy rate. Tests are performed by technicians while you stay in your car. Test results are available through our patient portal within 24 hours.

Payment Information:

We are a private laboratory offering this service as an option to consumers who        are interested in convenient, accurate results with a quick turnaround time.


For insured patients, testing is at no cost with valid insurance card.

For uninsured patients, testing is available for $100 cash or credit. 

Pre-Registration Form:

You are welcome to print and fill out your registration forms before you arrive at the drive-through testing site. Click here for the form. 

Instructions for Receiving Results:

  1. Please wait 12 hours after your testing to set up your patient portal. This allows us time to get your information entered into the system. 

  2. Click on “Patient Portal” in the top right corner of this page. 

  3. Click REGISTER and follow prompts to create account.

  4. Use the barcode number you received when you were tested as your Patient ID.

  5. Once registered, you will receive an email from Patients Portal. 

  6. Follow the link in the email to set your new password and then login with your username and password.

  7. Once your results are available, they will appear below the process bar and you can click on “View PDF” to see your results.

Frequently asked QUEstions

What type of testing will I be getting?

PCR testing

What is the difference between PCR and Antigen testing?

PCR Testing is an amplification of your DNA which allows for quick, accurate (99.99%) results. Antigen testing detects specific proteins on the surface of the virus. You may be able to get an antigen test result within hours, however, the accuracy of this test can be off by as much as 30% from the PCR test.

When will my results be ready?

Results will be finalized and ready for your review within 24 hrs of being tested.

Do I need an appointment? What should I bring with me?

This is location specific and hours also vary based on the site location.  Click on the testing site you would like to use below for more details regarding your testing site:

MEDICARE PATIENTS - If you have ever been tested for COVID-19 you must present a Doctors order for testing for all subsequent test. Please bring your doctors order with you to be tested. 

Please contact your doctor about getting this doctors order prior to coming in to be tested.  

Doctors should provide an order for the following reasons:

Exposure or close contact to someone with Covid-19

Signs or Symptoms of Covid-19 

Positive at-home test



How much does testing cost?

We know many labs offer testing at many different costs. We want our services to be clear and concise. We have three easy methods for covering the cost of testing:

  1. Insurance - All insurers whether the lab facility is in or out of network are currently covering COVID testing

  2. Cash/Card - you may pay $100 onsite for testing if you do not have insurance

  3. Covid Testing for Travel Needs - insurance carriers will not cover COVID testing for the purpose of traveling, this will be a $100 cash price.

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